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Insurance Process Outsourcing

Insurance professionals face a perennial challenge: they frequently spend more time performing routine processing tasks than serving clients. ReSource Pro reverses this equation - we specialize in providing customized solutions designed to not only bend the cost curve down but to create new opportunities for increasing productivity rates and driving revenue growth. Our China team can perform most processing work overnight, freeing stateside employees to focus more exclusively on client relations.

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Real-Time Support

For work that needs immediate attention, our “real-time” services allow you to have live access to your ReSource Pro team. In spite of the 12-hour time difference (from the East Coast),  ReSource Pro employees are available to work parallel to their US client teams - in real-time - so you can operate around the clock and deal with pressing issues and opportunities as they arise.

Peak Staffing

Some of our clients experience significant peak-season workload spikes that require extra service and support. Completing all work while maintaining high levels of quality and customer service can be a challenge during such high-traffic periods. Recruiting full time employees for temporary work is expensive, however, and temps do not have the depth of experience or background knowledge to get up to speed quickly and deliver work without consistent supervision.

To support our clients during these peak periods, ReSource Pro provides seasonal staffing so that clients can scale up or down as their business needs change.

Productivity Solutions Group

ReSource Pro has developed a proven process improvement methodology by tailoring Lean Six Sigma concepts to the insurance industry. Using Lean Process Mapping, our efficiency experts visit client offices and work with managers to make selected operations more visible, identify and eliminate waste, and make key processes faster and more efficient, thereby increasing throughput, reducing expenses, and freeing staff to redirect their focus toward differentiated, client-facing services.


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