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Public Speaking

As experts in the field of insurance process outsourcing, ReSource Pro executives are invited frequently to give presentations on the subject. Topics include Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing Insurance Process, Outsourcing: Benefits & Misconceptions.

With the resource Pro presentations attendees to your next event can learn how insurance process outsourcing can:

  • 1. Eliminate current backlogs and increase workflow efficiency.
  • 2. Enable employees to grow profits by focusing on core competencies.
  • 3. Increase overall productivity at all levels within the agency.
  • 4. Reduce employee acquisition and training expense.
  • 5. Improve morale throughout the agency.
  • 6. What can Business Process Outsourcing do for your Agency?
  • 7. Understanding the impact of the “Total Cost of Processing” & “Total Cost of Servicing”     within the agency operations.

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