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Client Employee Testimonials

Click to hear a compilation of ReSource Pro clients’ redeployment testimonials.
Click to listen to Joan P. Warren explain how her initial fears about outsourcing proved unfounded. As her company delegated processing operations to the efficiency experts at ReSource Pro, she was able to move from data entry to accounting and establish a more promising career path.
Click to hear Diana Walizada explain in detail how she can now "spend more time working on the claims instead of trying to stay ahead of the paper." The services of ReSource Pro enabled her company to become a paperless office, freeing up hundreds of man hours while reducing stress levels and all but eliminating employee turnover.

Click to hear Natalie Rowe, Program Management Operations Associate, describe how partnering with ReSource Pro allowed her company to expand her role by entrusting her with more detailed, value-added workflows.

Click to hear Technical Assistant Armando Vieyra tell how he was able to grow his skill set and earn a promotion after his company began working with ReSource Pro.

Click to hear Roxy Sora explain how managers at her company increased retention levels and morale among employees by delegating their team's most routine tasks to the processing specialists at ReSource Pro.



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