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  A Different Kind of Leadership
Although failure is unthinkable when you're accountable for investing your organization's resources to implement large-scale change initiatives, media reports and industry and academic research findings continue to demonstrate that hundreds of organizations report that their change initiatives are less than financially successful. In fact, too often the bottom line shows that the initiative's costs outweigh the actual benefits.
  Performance Management: Creating the Desired Results
Performance Management (PM) is a topic at the forefront of discussions among business leaders and human resource professionals today. While it is universally recognized that the intent of PM (to drive organizational performance and support individual development) is a necessary and worthy cause, many question the value actually achieved through PM programs today.
  Testing the Sourcing Waters
By Susan L.Hodges
Bruce Cochrane has seen the future, and he thinks it's already here–at least when it comes to insurance services. "This business is not about bricks and mortar anymore," says the president of Renaissance Group, a Wellesley, Mass.-based network of services for New England independent agencies, insurers and vendors. "It's about meeting customer needs quickly and in the ways they want."
  MONEYBALL: Apply the principles of Moneyball to your insurance organization
By Dan Epstein
In the recent movie "Moneyball" with Brad Pitt, the GM of the Oakland Athletics builds a winning baseball team based not on a few star performers but on a scientific approach to managing the aggregate performance of the whole team. With the smallest budget in the league, and no star players, the Athletics outperform all expectations, set the American league record for most consecutive wins and change the way the game is played. The same principles hold for insurance organizations.
  Uncovering and Reducing the Hidden Costs of Processing
By Dan Epstein
In most performance-oriented retail brokers, attention is focused primarily on supporting producers to write new business, service staff to maintain high renewal rates and assuring stable carrier relationships. There is recognition of the importance of operational efficiency but rarely the time and resources to focus on what causes the busy work that can result in shortcuts, backlogs, and in worst case scenarios upset clients or E&O claims.
  HR Tips for Branding, Recruiting and Retention
China Brief: The American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China
Establishing a company brand in order to attract and retain young talent is crucial for American businesses looking to succeed in modern-day China. Matthew Bruno, founder of insurance outsourcing and advisory provider ReSource Pro, discusses the challenges his company has faced while branding itself for a Chinese audience.
  Independent Insurance Agencies Embrace Outsourcing to Thrive in a Challenging Market | Article
Outsourcing Center
It’s not easy being an independent insurance agent these days. Margins are down, the market is soft and direct sellers are promoting a virtual, ‘click-and-pick’ approach to an industry traditionally built on personal relationships and trust.
  Agencies Outsourcing to China to Reduce Backlogs, Free Up Resources
Insurance Journal
As more insurance agencies look for new ways to improve productivity and lower expenses, more owners and managers are investigating the potential of outsourcing operations. The trend has helped power tremendous growth at New York-based, ReSource Pro.
  Back Office Loss Front Office Gain
Leader’s Edge Magazine
Brokerages that outsource repetitive tasks create opportunities to grow for their office staff.
  Economics Drives Agency Outsourcing; But Do It Right And For The Right Reasons
At a time of rising unemployment and a difficult recession, the concept of outsourcing raises legitimate concerns for any business, not just insurance agents and brokers. Yet undertaken for the right reasons and in the right manner, outsourcing is helping to make producers here in California more productive and better to able to compete in a difficult economy without having to resort to layoffs.
  China Summit for Agency Operations, a Success: ReSource Pro Spurs Agency Innovation Through Creative Outsourcing
Insurance Advocate
Outsourcing” is an emotion-stirring term in the U.S. these days particularly as unemployment mounts. The word has become linked to “job loss,” and “cheap labor abroad.” Yet, in the land of small to mid-size wholesalers and retail Insurance agencies, one outsourcing provider –surprisingly–has found its niche, and is turning that dirty word into one synonymous with growth through collaboration and innovation within the agency structure.
  Delegate for Growth – Even in a Soft Market
Assurex Newsletter
The current soft market coupled with the economic recession has agents and brokers scrambling to find ways to streamline operations, give clients more face time and spend more time prospecting. Insurance companies have embraced outsourcing. However, agents and brokers have been more skeptical to do so. That is now changing.
  Agency Outsourcing Is About Productivity, Not Downsizing
National Underwriter
Farming out back-office functions can free up more time for sales and personal service.
  The night shift: ReSource Pro helps MGAs add hours to their day
Rough Notes Magazine
  Back-Office Loss, Front-Office Gain. Brokerages that outsource repetitive tasks create opportunities to grow for their office staff.
Leader’s Edge Magazine
  A Key to Retaining Professional Staff: Focus Them on Value.
Experienced producers and underwriters can be difficult and costly to find for many managing general agents, program administrators and retail brokers. So these companies want to keep their best staff and avoid hiring new ones unnecessarily.

  Seven Tips to Successful Insurance Process Outsourcing
Outsourcing often receives a bad rap, with large corporations using it to reduce staff count, bureaucracy and overheads. For smaller companies, however, outsourcing can be a valuable, even critical tool to facilitate growth and stimulate productivity, particularly when experienced staff are hard to find or expensive to hire.
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