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Information Security Management

We know the importance you assign to data integrity.

ReSource Pro operates under strict guidelines regarding the access and use of client data. We have also received an ISO 27001 information security management systems certification from The International Organization for Standardization. 

  • ISO is the world’s premier developer and publisher of operational standards for all industries.
  • The ISO 27001 certificate is the accepted benchmark for verifying, monitoring, and updating information security management systems across the business spectrum.
  • As an ISO 27001-certified company, we are now subject to annual audits by independent third party risk management organizations. These regular reviews heighten our ability to keep up with changes in the industry and to identify the latest potential security threats as they evolve.

Our operational guidelines include:

  • Protecting our physical facilities with surveillance technology and full-time security personnel
  • Conducting background checks on all employees
  • Closely monitoring in-office computer and internet use
  • Employing the latest available firewalls and digital safeguards
  • Maintaining a cross-functional Information Security Team comprised of talent drawn from the upper ranks of ReSource Pro management
  • Conducting quarterly in-house reviews of our standards and practices in order to establish performance benchmarks
  • Undergoing annual external audits designed to help us identify risks, adapt to new challenges as they arise, and make continuous improvements

Earning this certification after a two-year review process places us among the industry’s most reliable business process outsourcing providers and confirms, at the highest possible level, that we are an everyday partner working to protect the interests of our clients and foster their continued success in the efficiency, profitability, and data security fields.  

For more information on ISO 27001 and how it affects you, visit:

Click here to read a document detailing the legal implications of ISO 27001
Click here to read the official press release announcing our certification



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