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About The Innovation Advisory Council

The Innovation Advisory Council (IAC) was formed in November of 2008, following the ReSource Pro Innovation Summit in Qingdao China. It consists of ReSource Pro clients, insurance industry consultants and senior level ReSource Pro executives. Its objective is to foster innovation, initiate new innovative ideas and establish best practices that can be shared with all of ReSource Pro clients.

We think of the overarching theme for the IAC to be about innovation and business transformation, while our purpose is to develop new thinking and practical approaches, which we can then share more broadly with our clients.

Each attendee and IAC member is committed to participate and share with ReSource Pro during the meeting as well as on ongoing basis their company’s findings or efforts around innovation and be used as case studies for the rest of the ReSource Pro clients as well as examples for the insurance Industry.

The board members meet three times per year in person and three times via conference call.

For information on IAC or join one of our upcoming events, please contact Sophie Charalambous, at 212.297.3183 or email