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How We Do It

ReSource Pro has developed a four-phase client approach to insurance processing for maximum effectiveness:

Phase 1 – Planning and Discovery

This phase, preceded by detailed research, includes a one-day meeting with key stakeholders to:

  • Identify specific objectives & timing requirements
  • Understand client culture and/or concerns
  • Define workflows and various processes
  • Review system requirements
  • Establish performance expectations
  • Discuss implementation options
  • Set target dates for implementation

Phase 2 – Testing and Implementing Procedures

This phase, developed from the information generated in Phase One, is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition of client tasks to remote staff by fine-tuning the operational procedures and capturing of exceptions, and includes:

  • Observation and documentation of indicated processes
  • Develop and implement the training plan
  • Begin processing sample work for client review
  • Review and integrate client procedures in relation to remote working
  • Structure client communication with remote staffing

Phase 3 – On-boarding processes

This third phase of on-boarding the processes is inherently easy due to the advance work performed in phases one and two. The actual on-boarding occurs when the ReSource Pro team is working independently and efficiently to the client’s satisfaction and factors in such elements as:

  • The client IT infrastructure
  • Data integrity
  • Quality and quantity of workflows
  • Selected and required training options
  • Development of a governance system
  • Documentation of key performance indicators

Phase 4 – Process Management and Improvement

Phase 4 is the ongoing commitment by ReSource Pro’s Client Development & Support Team to continually monitor and improve process management and utilization. Transitioning to an outsourced model of insurance processing is a change management exercise. Phase 4 minimizes the risk and disruptions associated with this kind of process through client rapport and mutual understanding. Our support team works with our clients to:

  • Continually motivate client employee buy-in and expectations
  • Continually assess outsourcing effectiveness
  • Assist in the management and redeployment of client talent
  • Identify additional areas of potential cost-savings or revenue production
  • Mediate any concerns or exceptions
  • Provide training to client management and staff



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