Unblocking backlog

Our client ranked among the top 100 largest brokers in the US. Despite a large staff, they couldn’t keep up with the constant demands of policy checking. So they increased overtime, made Saturday a work day, hired more staff—and sure enough, it helped. But only for a while. A comprehensive solution was needed, not a short term fix.

ReSource Pro quickly assembled a team of insurance professionals to unblock the backlog.

Once we assessed our client’s systems and technology, we assembled an integration team from over 500 career insurance processing specialists. They visited our client’s Miami office, documented their processes and procedures, and observed their staff as they handled tasks—carefully building a detailed knowledge base of the way our client does business.

Delegating tasks

The integration team then transferred all they had learned to a project manager in our China office, who chose a team leader with the right systems expertise and policy processing experience.

Using a secure internet connection—along with the latest anti-virus and firewall protection—the full team accessed our client’s system, trained on their policy checking guidelines, and learned to perform tasks based on the company’s existing procedures, without their data ever leaving their system. ReSource Pro’s Lean Methodology also enabled the team to identify inefficiencies and redundancies, and to suggest ways to make the process faster and more economical.

A test run

When the team was fully up-to-speed, they did a test run, incorporated client feedback, then got down to business, working with our client’s progressing staff, hand in glove. Daily reports allowed our client to monitor the team’s activity. Time tracking software measured efficiency. Performance tools and quality control supervision ensured few errors, which were quickly corrected.

Within 30 days our client had a fully functioning team dedicated to policy checking. And their agents got back to the business of generating more business, which paid off in a healthy increase in revenue.

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